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An update on this website for those interested:

We should begin by saying that America no longer needs any external enemies – we have enough internally now to finish us off as a Nation.  Damn shame, that.

The number of people actually working at real jobs is still below levels reported in fall 2019.  No growth in more than two years.  Three years in October is the pendency of the Q3 recession evolves along projections.

We believe that not only has a Second Depression started, but we’d also remind Skeptics that people alive and suffering through the Great Depression had not begun to use the term “depression” until after a critical economics book appeared.

Yes, that’s right.  Just the same way the term “Depression” as relates to the economy didn’t emerge until British economist Lionel Robbins titled a book The Great Depression – in 1934 – we are ignorant today of collapse.

You may wish to read Joseph Tainter’s book “The Collapse of Complex Societies” because when push comes to shove, we won’t need gangs or drug lords to disassemble the remnants of America.  Endemic disease, foot scarcity, and no electricity when the web fails will limit human-on-human violence.  Instead, the failure of personal sufficiency may come for us all.

Sure, this sounds a little grim, perhaps.  But the good news (such as it is) is that the circular model of human growth, bloom, and die-back is a familiar theme.  More in my latest book, Packing to Die: The Suitcase Between Your Ears.

OK, that’s the high-level view stuff.

Now, the minutia:

  • This is a slow, long-term development project which has a couple of objectives.
    1. First, I’d like to provide a forum where and readers can post opinion and share more without loading down the original sites.  A more “survivalist and prepper” version of GLP if that makes sense?
    2. Secondly, we are working toward being a “change agents” site. We began our personal “downscaling” by moving rural inn 2003.
    3. What this means (this downscaling before the rush stuff) is that as “compounding complexity” achieves nonlinearity in economics, it will necessarily create the onset conditions for a Second Economic Depression.  We may put up occasional deeper thinking pieces here.
    4. Just for example, with the stock market imploding (along with Biden popularity ratings in polls) where does an America invest?  Traditionally, when stocks have fallen in the past, bonds have been a good option for investors.  However, as bonds are falling (prices go down as rates go up as the Fed dictated on 6/15/22) this leaves only real estate.
    5. Which becomes problematic as well.  Since rates going up means in event of a sale with a mortgage, the returns to sellers are lower, too.  The payments are going up and this shrinks the market.  Which is why sales are rolling over in rural to intermediate markets.  Only the high-tech centers are showing growth.
  • This website is always for sale.  Present price (2022) is $1000 which includes both the domain name and whatever is left on my web hosting for the period.  The site is fast and clean with a GeneratePress core on top of WordPress.

I’m coming up on age 74 and while being one of the original “old men of the web” I’d like to wind-down my workweek to something under 60-hours for the balance of the ride  Been writing about software since Don Stoner and I did the first main channel radio broadcast of 300 baud modem tones in at KMPS in Seattle waaay back  in 1982.

More rambling here as conditions warrant.  But do take a look at for nearly daily updates.  My subscribers-only website is gets deeper on core survival issues, both economic and caloric.

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