AR2 is “Safe”

Sick of America being torn apart my the media wolves?  Of social media being swarmed by bots?

Let’s try something new:  Let’s see if there isn’t a business model in making the owners of social media the very people who use it.

At the same time, how about we also stop:

  • Name calling
  • Ad Hominem attacks
  • Government info gathering
  • Sale of user information
  • Buying special treatment in DC for social

My name is George Ure.

I publish a finance and futuring website called I also have a neat blog site at  Where some mighty skookum folks with reasonable brains contribute dandy, common-sense Ideas.

I’m 73, sick of division in this country and in particular the “woke” and “I’m special” for whatever reasons.  I don’t care.

We just want our Melting Pot America back.

Constitution.  Borders.  Sound money. Due process.  No Open borders. (No, Ukraine’s are not more important than Ours.) Fair immigration. Equality.  Respect for free speech.  No paid-off politicians. No sanctions that blow-back on working people. Medicine based on science. Recognition that there’s Something Bigger. Access on request to see all files that are in the government’s database on each of us.

America has stopped listening.  Fortunately, some Americans are still thinking about what that means.  Two sides to all issues.  Delicate balances.  We don’t need bot swarms and robots jackbooting us into a socialist future made up by crooked programmers.

Check back in a week.

I plan on posting the research and a detailed report on where this site might go.  Taking back the web from corporate interests and the Big Wig Brigade.

Back to when America – and the web was fun, fair, and inventive.

God Bless you and yours,

East Texas

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